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GeneratePress Premium is a versatile and powerful WordPress plugin that enhances the functionality of the GeneratePress theme. It offers a wide range of features to help users create unique, responsive, and high-performing websites with ease. This plugin is ideal for both beginners and experienced developers, as it simplifies the process of customizing your website while also providing advanced options for those who want more control. Here is a comprehensive list of features offered by the GeneratePress Premium WordPress Plugin:

  1. Site Library
  2. Advanced Customizer Controls
  3. Custom Typography
  4. Custom Colors
  5. Advanced Backgrounds
  6. Spacing Control
  7. Mega Menu
  8. Blog Layouts
  9. Secondary Navigation
  10. Mobile Header
  11. Sticky Navigation
  12. Off-Canvas Navigation
  13. Header and Footer Builder
  14. Page Header Module
  15. Sections Module
  16. Elements Module
  17. Dynamic Content
  18. WooCommerce Integration
  19. Import/Export Customizer Settings
  20. Custom Copyright
  21. Disable Elements
  22. Hooks System
  23. Custom CSS
  24. One-Click Updates
  25. Priority Support

= 2.3.1 =

  • Fix: SelectSearch component infinite loop
  • Fix: Block widths inside Block Elements

= 2.3.0 =

  • Feature: Add Search Modal Element type
  • Fix: Inline post meta feature in GenerateBlocks 1.7
  • Fix: Close the “Choose Element Type” modal with the ESC key
  • Fix: Replace WooCommerce secondary image attachment size
  • Fix: WP Filesystem error missing credentials
  • Fix: Undefined array keys in dynamic Container URL
  • Fix: Author avatar in Header/Block Element titles
  • Fix: Infinite loop error when autosaving with a dynamic content block
  • Fix: Add aria-label to off-canvas panel button
  • Fix: WooCommerce button dynamic typography
  • Fix: Empty WooCommerce quantity fields
  • Fix: PHP 8.1 notice using disable elements in Customizer
  • Tweak: Improve license key area
  • Tweak: Improve off-canvas transitions
  • Tweak: Check for WooCommerce functions
  • Tweak: Open off-canvas using the space bar
  • Tweak: Use image ID in mobile header/sticky nav logos
  • Tweak: Improve Elements hook selection dropdown UI
  • Tweak: Add site library check for min GenerateBlocks version
  • Tweak: Add Loop Template to Custom Post Type dropdown filters


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